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iMirrors are back, just in time for Summer !

iMac G5 Baseplate clockOne of our most popular ranges, but the white, flat-panel iMacs they're made from are getting pretty scarce now.  Luckily, thanks to our good friends at MacKing, we've just received another stock of them, in time for the heatwave season ....

Available in three sizes, in both free-standing AND wall-mounted, the iMac iMirror will look great in any room of your house or office, but they're particularly popular in music rooms, design studios and dressing rooms, for some reason ....
Prices from just £39

iMac G4 Baseplate clocks

iMac G5 Baseplate clockWe really love these clocks - they're superb !  The brushed steel baseplate of Apple's iMac G4 is a thing of beauty, but completely wasted when all the computer does is just sit on it ...

We originally produced around 25, which all sold out instantly following our mention of it on Facebook & Twitter.  But thanks to our friends at MacKing we've managed to find some more iMac G4s at last

The iMac G4 Baseplate clock is also now available with a choice of hands size

We've got multi-colour iMac G3 Tables available !!

It's taken us all the five years that we've been operating to achieve this, but we've finally managed it thanks to our friends at MacKing ...

We now have available multi-colour iMac G3 tables !

These tables have two, three, four or all the original five colours of iMac G3, all with their inner workings removed and the screen replaced by our custom-designed acrylic panel to make the computers look complete

We can then add interior lighting if you wish, or simply leave the computers at they are.

You can purchase these tables with or without the lighting inside, and with a choice of square, rectagonal, pentagonal or circular table top.

Apple G5 Processor Clocks - now with our Apple Logo Stickers ...

G5 clock with logosMany of our very observant customers have pointed out that our Apple G5 Processor Plate clocks don't have an Apple logo on them, so it's not easy to realise exactly where this excellent clock comes from.

So we've decided to include a full set of both BLACK & SILVER Apple logo stickers with each clock ordered


The famous iMacquarium is now available to order !

It's taken awhile to catchup with all the back-orders from the UK & Europe, but we're pleased to say they're finally available for immediate order - the iMacquarium is now available !


Apple Logo Stickers in Black & Silver ? We've got them ...

So we got a call from a printing company we know quite well who do printing for Apple Europe, to tell us they had these boxes of stickers with the Apple logo that they'd printed for Apple last year .... and did we want them ?
Apple ordered these to use on folders, badges, signs and other articles last year, but they accidentally ordered a load more than they needed.  Each Sticker is 4cm across its clear circular backing, permanently mounts to anything paper or card-based

99p for a pair of black, £1.49 for a pair of silver .... with FREE UK SHIPPING

They're ready - the latest Apple G5 Clocks are now available !

Wow - how cool is THIS ?  In our efforts to find great uses for old Apple equipment, we've launched these terrific clocks produced from the processor covers & side access panels of Apple's PowerMac G5 computers.

There are FOUR versions available - the dual-processor clock is shown left, and on the largest side-panel clock we can position the mechanism wherever you want !

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