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Apple G5 Housing Side Cover Clock ...

Apple G5 Housing Side Cover Clock ...

Our Price: £99.95

Here at MacTechnology, we're always looking for great new ways to re-use old & obsolete Apple computers and the parts that go inside them.

Well how's this for an idea ?

Apple's PowerMac G5 series were the first to be made in their now-standard all-aluminium housing, and boy, they looked like real business machines.

And to access the inner workings of the computer, this aluminium cover plate popped off the side to reveal the interior ready for easily upgrading the RAM or hard drive storage.

So now, we've set aside a stack of these access coverplates from redundant Apple PowerMac G5s, ready to turn them into good old aluminium analogue quartz clocks ...

These G5 coverplates are SQUARE, measuring
47.5cm / 18.7in across and high

PLEASE NOTE: When you order your clock, we will place the mechanism wherever you want it on the face. The clock mechanism itself is complete with a socket fitted on the back for wall hanging on a single nail, so unless you intend to stand this clock on a shelf or mounted in some other way, we'd recommend you request positioning the clock centrally above the Apple logo ....

And we also include an AA battery, naturally !
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