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Apple iMac G4 Baseplate Clock - lovely !

Apple iMac G4 Baseplate Clock - lovely !

Our Price: £39.95

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Here at MacTechnology, we're always looking for great new ways to re-use old & obsolete Apple computers and the parts that go inside them

Well how's this for an idea ?

Apple's iMac G4 was a very radical and iconic design, with the memorable 'anglepoise' arm for the display and a round base

But if you turn one of these iMacs over, what do you find ?  A beautiful circular brushed steel baseplate with the Apple logo prominently placed in the centre - very elaborate for a part of the computer that will probably never be seen.  Until now ....

We're taking a very limited number of these baseplates from redundant Apple iMac G5s, and turning them into beautiful brushed steel analogue quartz clocks

These clocks measure 22.5cm / 9in across, and the hands can be either small (as in our photos) or larger with the clock mechanism placed in the centre of, or just above, the Apple logo

We supply this clock complete with a socket on the back for wall hanging on a single nail.  If you want to stand it on your desk, then a toothpick or similar strut through this same socket works really well

And we also include an AA battery, naturally


NB - Apple iMac G4 baseplates are rarely in pristine condition due to the fact that they were used on the base of the iMac.  We work hard to polish the plates as much as possible when assembling these clocks, but some scuffing and scratches are inevitable.  We will do our best to find you the best one available when you place your order.
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