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eMac G4 Dual Table - complete

eMac G4 Dual Table - complete
eMac G4 Dual Table - complete eMac G4 Dual Table - complete eMac G4 Dual Table - complete

Our Price: £99.00

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Now here's something really special, and rather unique !

Apple's brilliant eMac G4s are a classic design icon, but as computers they're now sadly well beyond offering any useful functionality

Perhaps you'd like to give a pair of them a brilliant new use ? 

The Apple Dual eMac G4 Table is produced from a pair of classic Apple eMac G4s in the standard white colour ...

We'll supply you with:

A pair of classic Apple eMac G4 computers, with many of the internal components removed to make the computers lighter and safer for long-term use as a table
- a set of high-quality polyurethane bumpers to level the table on top of the eMacs
- a 50 x 90cm table top in clear 6mm acrylic or reinforced glass
- NB: no tools, glue or any other accessories are needed for assembly of this table unless you want to remove any more of the internal components

PLEASE NOTE - a wider choice of table tops are available with this table, in various sizes and styles, either in clear 6mm acrylic or reinforced glass, or order just the computers and we can advise you where you can order a glass top in any shape, size, colour or finish that you'd like ...

The result is an ideal table for a company reception area, graphic design or music studio, or something very different in your home

Height - 43cm / 17in
Width - 50cm / 20in with our supplied tabletop
Length - 90cm / 35in with our supplied tabletop
** REMEMBER - no tools, glue or other accessories are required for assembly **

And if you've got an eMac sitting around that you'd like to see go to a new home, please let us know ..... we'll collect it from you - email us at
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