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iGo rapid mains charger with connector for Apple iPod, iPhone & iPad

iGo rapid mains charger with connector for Apple iPod, iPhone & iPad

Our Price: £6.99

Tired of waiting for your Apple iPod, iPhone or iPad* to charge up with its standard USB mains adapter ?  Wish there was a quicker way ?  Well iGo know there is, because they make it ….

This very compact, sleek and stylish iGo portable wall charger will quickly recharge your Apple iPod, iPhone & iPad*, and most importantly it’s a fully ENERGY STAR qualified wall charger, so it’s very green and power-efficient.

But its best feature is that it will also quickly recharge all of your other portable devices too !

Simply change the Apple connector included with this charger for any one of iGo’s A-series adapters, available from all iGo stockists including Amazon; they’re available to fit most of the rechargeable portable devices out there, including all the latest models of Tablet Computers, eReaders, mobile phones, PDAs, GPS, handheld gaming devices, digital cameras, Bluetooth headsets, in-car handsfree kits and satellite radios.

  • 8 watts continuous ‘Rapid Charge’ output - up to 8 times faster charging than many original standard trickle / USB connected charging
  • Complete with Apple-certified connector for iPod, iPhone & iPad*
  • Just change this adapter for any of your other gadgets - simply switch the tip to match your device
  • Uses iGo’s A-series power tips (sold separately)
  • Compatible with the latest models of most manufacturers portable devices
  • Universal voltage – can also be used in most countries outside the UK
  • Power cord: 1.86m
  • Weight: only 170g
YES ! As well as all of Apple's dockable iPods, iPhones & iPads*, this adapter also works with many Tablet computers & E-Readers, mobile phones, Bluetooth headsets, GPS units, smartphones/PDAs, portable gaming devices, digital cameras and satellite radios, simply by changing the adapter on the end of the power cable ....

This superb adapter works with many hundreds of different electronic devices - far too many to list here !   Please contact us to find where to order the correct one to fit your particular make & model of device

* Apple's iPad 2 and New iPad must be asleep or switched off to be charged with this adapter
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